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May 2, 2016

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June 6, 2016 - Strategic Investments - Investorium

Australian companies with great emerging potential, and the ability to reward investors with rapid portfolio growth.


The Basement, Sydney
The Basement, SydneyMap >> Here
Date:Monday, June 6, 2016

Event Schedule

Evening Preparation - and Course of Items

Time: 16:55 - 17:00
Tim Mckinnon CEO Asia Business News (ABN Newswire) will give a welcome note and outline the course of items that will occur throughout the evening. Tim became involved in Tin Mining in North Queensland in the early 80's. Now, he supports the promotion of Australian Listed Companies to the local and offshore investment community in the languages of Asia, as well as his own Gold assets in NSW.

MMJ Phytotech ASX:MMJ Medical Cannabis Delivery Systems

Time: 17:30 - 17:55
Mr. Andreas Gedeon, Dipl.-Paed. has been the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director at MMJ Phytotech Limited since July 27, 2015. Mr. Gedeon serves as the President at MMJ Bioscience Inc. He was former Officer in the German Navy. As the founder of MMJ, Mr. Gedeon oversees the global expansion strategy of the MMJ group and is the designated Managing Director of MMJ/PYL post-merger.

Q&A Session

Time: 17:55 - 18:00
5 minute Question and Answer Session. Participation by Audience using Remote electronic handsets. Tabulated responses displayed on the Stage Screen.

Dining - A La Carte Service to the Tables

Time: 19:10 - 20:00
A great selection of food and wine, and of course premium beer, will be served to tables. Bar service is also open for those who prefer to move around during the break.

Traditional Therapy Clinics - ASX:TTC Andrew Sneddon (TBC)

Time: 19:50 - 20:15
Traditional Therapy Clinics Limited is a franchisor and the owner of one of the largest chains(largest by number of clinics) of traditional therapeutic health and wellness clinics in China. It is a well established business with a strong growth profile, employing a repeatable and scalable business model. TTC has a highly recognised and respected brand, having received the prestigious Chinese Well-Known Trademark designation from the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. It operates within a strongly regulated industry sector of significant scale, which offers opportunity for further growth.

Q&A Session

Time: 20:15 - 20:20
5 minute Question and Answer Session. Participation by Audience using Remote electronic handsets. Tabulated responses displayed on the Stage Screen.

Innate Immunotherapeutics ASX:IIL Simon Wilkinson

Time: 20:30 - 20:50
Simon has been the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Innate Immunotherapeutics since 2004. He has been a shareholder in the Company since its formation in 2000. Simon has overseen Innate's transition from being a public unlisted New Zealand company trialling a passive immunotherapeutic drug candidate for HIV to being a listed Australian company focused on addressing the significant and unmet need in progressive multiple sclerosis. Prior to his 15 years involvement in biotech, Simon spent 20 years in finance, banking and business management after training as an officer in the Royal New Zealand Navy.

Q&A Session

Time: 20:50 - 20:55
5 minute Question and Answer Session. Participation by Audience using Remote electronic handsets. Tabulated responses displayed on the Stage Screen.

Networking and Pre-arranged Meetings

Time: 21:00 - 23:59
This is an opportunity to interact directly with Investors, Brokers, Analysts and Company Executives. Networking continues until closing.

Mr Andreas Gedeon CEO
MMJ Phytotech Ltd
Monday, June 6, 2016

Mr Simon Wilkinson CEO
Innate Immunotherapies
Monday, June 6, 2016

Mr Richard Caldwell MD
Dyesol Ltd
Monday, July 4, 2016

Mr John Martin CEO
Regeneus Ltd
Monday, August 8, 2016

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New York | October Golden Opportunity

- "The evening was handled very professionally with a real variety in the audience. The part we have liked the best is that it doesn't end in the room that night. We have continued to receive inquiries from people that have viewed our presentation online."
David Kalenuik - President Lake Victoria Mining Co Inc.

Investorium.tv | November Energy

- "A good night of presentations last night, and a credit to the team on its organisation."
Lawrence Grech - Austock Securities

- "I'll be watching ... Currently in the London office."
Simon Curran - International Resource Journal

- "Thank you for putting on another great evening and look forward to the next one."
Paul Hopkins - Oakvale Capital

- "Fantastic presentation ...well done!!"
Nicholas King - BRICIT Hedge Fund

- "Great stuff. Excellent event and follow through. Well done."
Mark Freeman - Grand Gulf Energy

- "Thanks very much for a well organised and enjoyable event. We have quite a lot of buying interest as a result."
Mark Paton - CUE Energy

Investorium.tv | October Golden Opportunity

- "An excellent format and an interested set of members. Enjoyed the night and found it very helpful"
Peter Temby - Botswana Metals

- "Another great event and a continuing source of opportunity.."
Kingsley Jones - Jevons Global

- "Another great night"
John Tims - Phoenix Green Capital

- "Once again, many thanks for hosting an excellent event and please keep us in mind for future events."
Thomas Abraham-James - Platina Resources

- "Very well organised event. Quite the team you have put together there!"
Hugh Minson - Proto Resources

- "This is the first of these that we have attended and I was impressed."
Val Lorenzelli - Finlease (Aust)

Investorium.tv | September Resources and Energy

- "It was a good night and you are to be congratulated on running this event so well."
Marcus Flis MD Royal Resources

Investorium - Energy

- "Thanks for putting on another great event last night."
Stuart Anderson - Sydney Capital Partners

- "Congratulations. I think it is an excellent initiative that will grow to become very successful."
Eddie Grieve - Australian Securities Exchange

Investorium - Multi Commodity

- "It was a most enjoyable and, for me, productive format, and I hope that your initiative is encouraged by its success. Thanks for including DNi in the program."
Russell Debney - CEO Direct Nickel

- "Thanks for the chance to present last night. The whole evening was a great success."
Cliff Atkinson - CEO Phoenix Green Corporation

- "Presentations, venue & ambience were top notch!"
Carlos Crowley Vazquez - Origin Capital Group

- "I'm fairly certain that at no time in history was a new way of doing things not scoffed at by some - sometimes many. You pulled it off brilliantly!"
Brian Carlton - TripleM

- "We've had more than 10 meetings arising from the event..."
Ian Levy - CEO Australian Bauxite Limited

- "It's a brilliant venue, great food, very cute technology and I am really pleased to be one of the inaugural speakers."
Graeme Deegan - GM Zamia Metals

- "I watched the night on streaming video from Beijing with some Chinese investors. As a result they are looking at investing in Queensland Mines and a site visit."
Colin Archer - Chairman Phoenix Green Corporation

- "It is very pleasing to see that in Sydney we can host this kind of event"
Stephen Promnitz - CEO Indochine Mining Limited

- "This is also an opportunity for Asian parties to invest in stories they see here on Investorium.tv"
Julian Malnic - Chairman Sydney Mining Club